A New Year's Resolution to "Think Higher and Feel Deeper": The Best of LRN's #HowMatters Conversations

January 22, 2020 Kathleen Brennan

January is the month of New Year’s resolutions.  We tend to be contemplative at this time of year, setting intentions to learn more, to live more authentically, to seek truth.

LRN’s founder and chairman Dov Seidman recently quoted Professor Elie Wiesel’s mantra to “think higher and feel deeper” as a worthy New Year’s resolution to keep in our hearts everyday in 2020 and beyond.

LRN recently introduced a new series of conversations called #HOWMatters to do our part to foster conversations to do just that.  We were joined by world-recognized thinkers and experts for a series of fascinating discussions on state of the world and the urgent imperatives for leaders and institutions.  (We also launched our new podcast series Principled)

What makes #HOWMatters conversations unique to the ethics and compliance community is: 1. the variety of thought leaders from business, from academia, from journalism who have joined us to share their thoughts on the conditions of our reshaped world and 2. how their distinct perspectives allowed us to connect the dots between big picture trends and dynamics to the impacts on the professional responsible for shaping workplace behavior, ethical corporate culture and responsible leadership. 

We invite you to revisit the best of our #HOWMatters discussions as we seek to “think higher and feel deeper”:

Respected psychologist, author of Grit and CEO of Character Lab Angela Duckworth on how passion plus perseverance trumps talent and why character can be difficult to measure.



Wall Street Journal journalist and author of Bad Blood John Carreyrou on avoiding toxic workplace cultures.



New York Times columnist and best selling author Tom Friedman on a geopolitical trends affecting us.



Humanitarian and best selling author Zainab Salbi on finding justice in an age of #MeToo and living an authentic life.



Best selling author Dan Pink on rethinking time and how we can use it to our advantage.



Technology insider and best selling author Andrew Keen on moral leadership as a driving force of positive change.



Accenture’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and best selling author Paul Daugherty on the cooperation between humans and smart computers in the age of AI.



Professor, management theorist and author Morten Hansen on redefining performance as purpose, passion, ethics and sustained over time.



See the full conversations in our #HOWMatters series here.

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