Anti-Harassment Videos Must Respect Employees’ Sophistication

November 26, 2019 LRN Corporation

The New York Times recently took a look at the increased number of anti-sexual harassment videos being produced, as more and more companies are mandated to have employees partake in training programs as part of new and expanded laws.

In New York, California, and other states and cities, regulations require anti-sexual harassment training programs to cover a lot of legal ground. They often have to define sexual harassment, provide information on state and federal sexual harassment laws, explain how to report misconduct, and even incorporate some form of interaction, such as quizzes.

The laws were passed in the wake of #MeToo and a nationwide awakening to the problem of workplace harassment and discrimination.

In the NYT article, LRN's Michael Del Polito underscores that since watching the videos are often compulsory, movies need to be especially compelling, informative, and respectful of employees’ sensitivities and time.

To quote Del Polito from the article, “We try to approach it as, we respect our audience and…try to put out the best product possible because we think our audience is sophisticated.”

The article also links to LRN’s video, “What Happens in Vegas,” which is part of an education module on sexual harassment in the workplace. In the video, a woman tells her colleague she was groped and verbally abused by a superior in Las Vegas after a conference.

As she recounts the events, an animated flashback in neon lights brings to life how quickly something that starts as a fun event can move into an instance of abuse--and how quickly lines can be crossed.

The video won a Telly Award in 2018 for non-broadcast workplace education videos. It was LRN’s fourth award for education and training videos since 2013.

It’s worth noting videos are one component of an effective anti-sexual harassment training program. The best courses involve a number of tools, not just videos, that help the content and lessons stick with employees.

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