Digital Transformation Puts E&C in Your Employees' Hands

October 9, 2019 LRN Corporation

Digital transformation continues to accelerate innovation and fundamentally change how companies operate and deliver value to customers and clients. According to research from IDG, 89% of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy.

While digital technology is transforming and driving consumer habits--mobile devices, automation, AI, and machine learning have allowed customers to get what they want when they want it--opportunities are ripe for these technologies to be utilized within an organization, as well.

AI and machine learning can be used by organizations to get the right talent into the right roles, according to a report from BCG, which points to behavioral science and data analytics as a means to gently prompt employee behavior in powerful ways. Machine learning can be used to identify and diagnose an organization’s health in real time. 

Mobile devices offer a wealth of benefits, as the modern workforce turns to them to get access to information. This growth of mobile content consumption is revolutionizing how ethics and compliance professionals develop their program strategies. It's becoming increasingly important as the workforce shifts, with millennials and younger generations, who have spent their entire lives learning and working in digital environments, becoming more established in the workplace.

Companies are beginning to use mobile apps to deliver codes of conduct to employees, allowing the organization’s culture, values, and ethics to be accessed from anywhere, at all hours. With an increasingly global workforce, larger organizations can trust their codes are at their employees’ fingertips, in their own language.

With easier access to information, mobile engagement allows employees to be sure they’re doing the right thing, and gives them the ability to ask questions when they’re not sure. Reminders and push notifications can help keep compliance and ethics priorities top of mind for employees. Mobile engagement increases two-way dialogue and peer-to-peer activities, which can reinforce and contextualize E&C programs while making ethical dilemmas and scenarios feel more real.

To accommodate today’s fast-paced environment, E&C programs can take advantage of mobile microlearning strategies, which provide bite-sized content and training modules that fit into employees’ schedules. With shorter sequences of related content delivered over time, learning retention is heightened.

To learn more about LRN’s mobile platform, Catalyst Connect, visit here. To learn more about LRN’s microlearning strategy, visit here.

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