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November 22, 2017 LRN Corporation

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest American holidays because it allows time to pause and express gratitude for family and friends and the privileges and good fortune that grace our existence.  To honor this day of thanks, we’d like to share our CEO Dov Seidman’s Thanksgiving message to colleagues at LRN with the entire LRN community, recognizing that our gratitude extends to all who have answered the call to put purpose above profit, live and work by a set of universal, human values, and instill in our organizations a deep commitment to doing the right thing.

Dear Colleagues,

LRN’s offices in the United States will be closed this Thursday and Friday to give us the opportunity to pause and celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The significance of Thanksgiving has always resonated with LRN’s purpose and mission, and I find it particularly consonant this year – a year characterized by much division and conflict, leading many of us to reconnect with the values that bind us together as people and renew our commitments to living lives animated by and pursuing endeavors rooted in deeper purpose and mission.

At LRN, of course, our purpose and mission is “to help people do the right thing” by “inspiring principled performance.”  As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, I want to thank each of you for the work you do, so passionately, each and every day around the world – together – to make a positive difference.

Elie Wiesel once told me that “one’s attitude toward gratitude defines them.”  In my experience, those individuals with the greatest sense of gratitude – no matter their circumstances – invariably seem to live the happiest, healthiest, and most meaningful lives.  It also seems to me that expressing gratitude is one of the most authentic means of forging human connection and community.

So, as we all head into this Thanksgiving, surrounded by friends and family, let me take this moment to let you know that I will also be reflecting on what has already been a year of progress and growth for LRN and undoubtedly feeling enormous gratitude for all that you have contributed to each day along the way.

While Thanksgiving is only a single day and American, it strikes me that we have an opportunity – echoing Henry David Thoreau – to pause wherein each pause we hear the call to make each day at LRN a day of gratitude and thanksgiving.

In this spirit, I am grateful that we have been inspired, yet again, to participate in #GivingTuesday on November 28.  As we have done since #GivingTuesday’s founding in 2012, LRN’s colleagues around the world will make important contributions of our time and service to support local charities and community organizations. In New York, we will be volunteering with Per Scholas, providing mock interviews for adults undergoing IT job training.  Colleagues will also be preparing and serving meals to seniors through the Food Bank for New York and host a charitable drive for winter coats for New York Cares. We will be joined by our colleagues around the world, who will also be participating in a wide-range of events. I look forward to participating with my colleagues in New York and hearing about the experiences had by each of you as we give back to the communities we call home.

Please, once again, accept my gratitude for all that you have done to make LRN such a special organization.  I cannot thank you enough.

All my best,


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