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September 26, 2019 LRN Corporation

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dov Seidman, Founder and Chairman of LRN Corporation, along with the rest of the LRN Board, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Blumberg as its Chief Executive Officer. Blumberg, the founder and former CEO of Return Path, is a recognized pioneer and business builder in technology-enabled business solutions, whose success and longevity was rooted in the ‘people first’, values-based culture he fostered at Return Path. As CEO, Blumberg will lead the global expansion of LRN and drive the next phase of innovation in LRN’s ethics and compliance solutions. Blumberg will work closely with Seidman in further accelerating LRN’s growth and intensifying its impact around the world.

“Society continues to set higher and higher standards for companies and their people. The disruptive forces that are reshaping our world – revolutionary advances in technology, social media, changing norms, evolving regulatory and political environments – are challenging companies to invest in building more ethical, responsible and inclusive corporate cultures and to embrace a vision of business as a force for good. It is also a time of increasing focus and scrutiny on corporate and individual conduct – where ‘do it right’ corporate cultures are an urgent imperative and command unprecedented resources from management and boards,” said Seidman.

“Matt Blumberg joins LRN at this consequential moment in the company’s journey as we seek to do our part – creating ever more impactful ways to help companies and their people meet their requirements and live up to their ethical commitments. Matt is the right person and leader to work closely with me and partner on the path ahead. Along with my dedicated LRN colleagues, we warmly welcome him to LRN as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary and following the announced strategic partnership with, and a significant investment from, Leeds Equity Partners. Matt is the rare combination: he’s a thoughtful, empathetic person of character and an executive with extraordinary business intelligence and managerial acumen. His two decades of insight into, and a proven track record of success in, business-to-business, cloud-based SaaS technology solutions and his commitments to fostering a values-based culture, make him the ideal partner to build on LRN’s 25-year foundation and to help address the unique needs of the new, modern, global organization,” Seidman continued.

“What has always distinguished LRN is its steadfast belief that ethics and compliance truly matter, and that companies, therefore, deserve a true partner that can provide it with technology and content that reflect that seriousness of purpose,” said Blumberg. “LRN is that partner, which is why it has already reached tens of millions of people working in over 100 countries in more than 65 languages and inspired them to behave ethically, especially when the rules alone fail to provide the right guidance. But what I’ve come to admire most about LRN, and understand lies at the core of its success, is its unwavering fidelity to its values and leadership framework.”

“It is simply an honor to partner closely with and learn from Dov, and work with my new LRN colleagues as we – together – continue to inspire principled performance in business. The opportunity ahead for us is enormous and is a credit to Dov’s leadership, foresight, and vision, and also, most remarkably, to the courage and strength of his convictions – ever since 1994 – to relentlessly promote ethical capitalism and pursue building a company of enduring significance. It is both inspiring and humbling to join this journey, and I am committed to maintaining what has truly made LRN, as we like to say, not a ‘business with a mission’ but a ‘mission with a business’,” Blumberg added.

“Along with my partners Jeffrey Leeds and Jacques Galante of Leeds Equity, and Mats Lederhausen, I also welcome Matt as a member of the LRN Board of Directors, and we all look forward to working closely together as we lead LRN into the future,” Seidman concluded.

About LRN
LRN’s mission is to inspire principled performance. Since 1994, LRN has helped over 25 million people at more than 700 companies worldwide simultaneously navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and make ethical decisions, and has also helped hundreds of companies foster ethical, responsible, and inclusive cultures. LRN’s combination of practical tools, education, and strategic advice helps companies translate their values into concrete corporate practices and leadership behaviors that create sustainable competitive advantage. In partnership with LRN, companies need not choose between living principles and maximizing profits, or between enhancing reputation and growing revenue: all are a product of principled performance. As a global company, LRN works with organizations in more than 100 countries.

About Matt Blumberg
Prior to joining LRN, Blumberg was Chairman and CEO of Return Path, Inc., the company he founded in 1999, until its sale to Validity, Inc. in 2019. Under Blumberg’s leadership, Return Path won numerous prestigious business and leadership awards for its ‘people first’ culture. Prior to founding Return Path, Blumberg was General Manager of the Internet division of MovieFone, Inc. (777-FILM) until the company’s acquisition by AOL, and had previously worked in venture capital and management consulting. Blumberg is a co-founder and serves as Board Co-Chair of Path Forward, a non-profit whose mission is to empower people to restart their careers after time spent focused on caregiving. Matt is also the author of Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business, which is based on his blog on entrepreneurship, Only Once ( Matt graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Urban Planning in 1992.

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