LRN Offers Training That Helps Employers Educate and Lead in the “New Normal”

June 10, 2020 Jen Farthing

LRN is excited to announce that we have developed highly customizable “kits” that will help employers and leaders sensitively educate and train their people on the COVID-19 “new normal” at work, and provide practical advice for comfortably adapting. The availability of the kits coincides with the gradual opening of many areas, such as metropolitan New York.

The kits, offered at no cost to current LRN partners are customizable, and allow employers to tailor them to their firms’ culture and messages, greatly simplifying and humanizing the process of informing their people on shifting operational and business practices. The kits’ topic areas are: “Returning to the Workplace,” “Working from Home” and “Leading Through COVID-19.” They are available for translation into 67 languages.

“Companies need ways to effectively educate workforces on new and evolving policies, protocols and ethical responsibilities that accompany the ‘new normal.’ It’s critically important that this happens in a way that’s highly sensitive not only to employees’ concerns, but that is also simple and reflective of the organization’s own culture and values,” said Jennifer Farthing, Chief Learning Officer at LRN. “The kits are equal parts prescriptive and ‘principled,’ and are designed to demonstrate that every employee’s wellbeing is crucial as they adapt to the new normal.”

Each kit includes three elements that provide employees with context, explain policies and reinforce those policies: MeaningMaker™ media videos that frame the importance of the learning to come; an eLearning module of straightforward educational experiences that can easily be adapted for any organization; and infographics that provide reminders that will help guide teams in practical and ethical ways.

The “Returning to the Workplace” kit helps employers educate people on what’s expected of them when they return – for instance, rethinking what now constitutes a safe and secure workplace. The “Working from Home” kit will help employees understand policies, procedures and expectations when working remotely, while also addressing more specific subjects like work-life balance and cybersecurity. The “Leading Through COVID-19” kit focuses on the importance of strong leadership through the crisis and after. It addresses key issues like instilling hope, building trust and supporting innovation and ideation.

LRN Partners should reach out to their Engage representative with any questions about accessing and launching these kits. Interested in access for your organization? Reach out to our team.

Originally posted on Globe Newswire.

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