LRN Partners with Elie Wiesel Foundation in its Prize in Ethics; Essay Deadline now February 10.

February 1, 2017 LRN Corporation

In his letter to students, Professor Elie Wiesel, once asked:

“Whatever the answer to essential questions of society and individual human beings may be, education is surely its major component.  But what would education be without its ethical dimension?”

Like Professor Wiesel, many of us believe them to be inseparable.  This is why LRN joined forces with the Elie Wiesel Foundation to support its Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.

Now in its 27th year, the Prize is open for submissions until the deadline of February 10, 2017.

The Prize in Ethics Essay Contest is an annual competition that challenges college students in the U.S. to submit essays on the urgent and complex ethical issues that confront us in the modern world. Since the contest’s inception in 1989, thousands of young people have composed essays for consideration.

This year’s essay topic is: Articulate with clarity an ethical issue that you have encountered and analyze what it has taught you about ethics and yourself.  To submit your essay, click here

LRN is proud to be the exclusive corporate part of the Elie Wiesel Foundation’s Prize in Ethics.  This is particularly true at a time where there needs to be increased focus on the role of ethics in education, business, politics and the global community.

As part of their partnership, LRN and The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity are working to increase public dialogue on ethical matters of importance to citizens, institutions and society at large. We wish to foster student participation in an effort to share their questions, arguments, and recommendations for ethical action with the general public, as well as enlist a wider spectrum of academic partners and students.

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