Understanding Impact and Showing Efficacy with our New Microlearning Asset

April 2, 2020 Nathan Miller

Over the last year we’ve seen the ethics & compliance space place a greater focus on evaluating program impact. The Department of Justice guidelines that were published in April 2019 were certainly a force behind this shift, and we're increasingly seeing organizations lean into this regulation. At LRN we’ve always been focused on evolving and advancing ethics and compliance programs. Today, we’re proud to announce the release of a new Microlearning asset, Quizzes, which are available starting today to all LRN partners. 

Microlearning Quiz types are follow-on experiences that can be used to gauge understanding and demonstrate efficacy of an E&C training program per the April 2019 DOJ guidance. These quizzes allow you to understand your learners’ knowledge following an initial eLearning experience. Combined with our other microlearning solutions, you will create continuous learning programs that don’t end after courses are complete.  

Following a specific foundational course, a Quiz! Can be rolled out any time after, within a year of the initial eLearning training.  Each Quiz! consists of 10 multiple-choice questions with feedback and insight following each response. 

We’ve included robust analytic capabilities, giving program administrators the ability to understand results at scale and compare to performance on the Knowledge Check completed after the initial eLearning. These analytics provide an accurate measure of quiz-takers’ knowledge and retention of initial eLearning. 



As of today, they are live in Catalyst and Module Manager and program administrators can search and add them to existing sites. The selection and deployment is identical to any of our other courses – making them simple to incorporate into your program!  

While the concept is simple, the power and benefit these will bring to ethics & compliance programs will result in program advancement and a reduction in risk. We have big plans for this year and will provide a deeper look into how this newest learning asset was developed later this week and will be rolling out many more Quiz types in the coming months. 

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