Bring Your Compliance Program to Life Through Technology

August 8, 2017 Sunil Bheda

As budgets shrink and compliance needs grow, compliance officers need solutions that create programs, distribute them across their organizations and ensure their training is being completed. Ethics & Compliance leaders also need tools to motivate employees, inform them of compliance content—and make it fun and engaging for them to do so. As outlined in my latest column that appeared in Compliance & Ethical Professional magazine, a publication of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, here are five key takeaways for leveraging technology to administer programs, monitor progress and engage employees in new and unexpected ways:

  1. To be successful, compliance officers must be ready to adapt and embrace new learning technologies to administer their programs and engage employees.
  2. Advanced technologies such as augmented reality bridge the digital and physical into one experience, changing the way we view the world – and the way we learn.
  3. Instead of forcing content on employees, augmented reality is a creative way for compliance officers to engage employees and craft new types of motivating, interactive experiences.
  4. Mobile devices are a new distribution platform for E&C education, progress monitoring and data capture of attestations and required certifications. Learn more about LRN's latest innovation in mobile learning here.
  5. The next wave of technological breakthroughs in compliance training is likely to be in wearable tech devices, such as Apple watches and Fitbits.


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