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AUG. 28, 2019


Scaling the ROI on Talent, Diversity and Partnership


Corporations are looking to build sustainable, diverse workforces led by inclusive leaders, and they are working to achieve this at a time when many of the jobs as we know them today will be eliminated or radically reconstructed.


LRN partner Dell Technologies issued a report with the Institute for the Future that cited experts who estimated up to 85% of the jobs in 2030 still need to be created. With most of the jobs of the future not yet invented, colleges and universities are tasked with preparing students for a workforce that doesn’t exist.


LRN’s Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames sat down with Dr. James Moore, vice provost at The Ohio State University’s Chief Diversity Office, to talk about the ways the university is working with corporations and other institutions of higher learning to develop this next-generation workforce by investing in developing skills around cultural intelligence, and by driving more inclusive leadership.


Dr. Moore shared insights about how the university collaborates with corporate partners to develop new channels of access by reaching into under-resourced, under-represented communities to build new pipelines of talent.



The university has secured millions of dollars for programs to develop young scholars, increase minority participation in the sciences, and to create a way for low-income and under-represented undergraduate students to transfer from Columbus State Community College to Ohio State, he said. There’s even a program to provide child care. 


The university increased the number of Morrill Scholars, with more than 400 expected to graduate this fall. Morrill is Ohio State's premier diversity and merit scholarship program. And Ohio State was chosen by the United States Agency International Development  to form higher education partnerships in the Dominican Republic.


In addition, the university works with its different colleges to recruit and retain faculty from under-represented parts of society, and established leadership initiatives for women of color. All of these collaborations are designed to reduce marginalization and isolation while driving more inclusive leadership, said Dr. Moore. 


Inclusiveness isn’t just nice to have on teams, it directly enhances performance, said Dr. Ershaghi Hames, who cited 2018 research from Deloitte that found teams with inclusive leaders are 17% more likely to report they are high performing, 20% more likely to say they make high-quality decisions, and 29% more likely to report behaving collaboratively.


“The goal is to create workplaces that leverage diversity of thinking,” the Deloitte report stated. “Why? Because research shows that diversity of thinking is a wellspring of creativity, enhancing innovation by about 20 percent. It also enables groups to spot risks, reducing these by up to 30 percent. And it smooths the implementation of decisions by creating buy-in and trust.”



                                                                                                          BEN DIPIETRO




General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018. Into its second year, it seems the law is providing some unforeseen benefits to big tech companies.






LRN's 2019 State of Moral Leadership in Business report found 72% of respondents

said their companies would be more successful in taking on their biggest challenges if their management led with moral authority. That's an increase from 59% who said so in 2018.




Google is taking a turn from its open culture, and is setting limits on its internal mailing lists and forums, telling employees to stop talking about politics, CNBC reports.


Multinationals in Hong Kong are rattled by how China pressured the chief executive of Cathay Pacific Airways to resign after some airline employees participated in protests, The Economist reports.


What does the Business Roundtable statement of considering all stakeholders, and not just shareholders, mean for employees? Jack Kelly provides some insights in Forbes. Dean Baker wonders if executives ever put shareholders first. Ethisphere's Erica Salmon Byrne writes that many companies already make stakeholders their priority.


Brazil's president called in the army to help fight massive fires burning in the Amazon after protesters called for a boycott and Europe threatened to scuttle a trade deal, Daily Beast reports. 


You know you're being tracked online, but you might be surprised at just how invasive that surveillance is, The New York Times reports. The Washington Post looks at what happens to data when one of its columnists used credit cards to buy two bananas.


Tech Crunch pushed for the release of documents, including correspondence from the U.K.'s National Data Guardian, that showed a data-sharing arrangement between the country's National Health Service and DeepMind Technologies, owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc., broke the law.


The independent board needs a reboot, Harvard Law School's Stephen Davis writes in Ethical Boardroom.


Purpose needs to be at the heart of your business strategy, Harvard Business Review reports.


Aligning sustainability and risk can help companies navigate potential blind spotsin the organization, BSR's Alison Taylor writes.


Nevada and New York City passed laws making it illegal for employers to consider previous marijuana usage when evaluating job candidates, Forbes reports.


Great things happen when companies get their work cultures right, Gifford Thomas writes on LinkedIn.




"Go against the rules if you must, but never go against your conscience, even if the rules demand it."


- Alexander Den Heijer, author




Authority Magazine interviewed LRN founder and CEO Dov Seidman about how creating a great work environment begins by taking a pause. Read the interview.  





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