Our E&C Education and Platform

Learn more about our values-based learning materials and solutions that go beyond rules-based compliance.

  • Microlearning Strategy

    Microlearning Strategy

    Learn how LRN's microlearning solutions can more effectively engage learners over time to increase efficacy and promote reinforcement of your organization's key topics and risk areas.

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  • Certification Manager

    Certification Manager

    LRN’s Certification Manager goes beyond acknowledgments—it’s a one-stop-shop for certifications, disclosures, registry, and case management of your entire enterprise.

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  • Communication Manager Fact Sheet

    Communication Manager Fact Sheet

    Deliver personalized content on key ethics and compliance topic areas to increase employee engagement

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  • 2018 Learner Survey: Summary of Findings

    2018 Learner Survey: Summary of Findings

    Get the results of LRN's 2018 Learner Survey, including responses from more than 398,000 learners.

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  • What You Need To Know About GDPR

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  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Fact Sheet

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Fact Sheet

    Several states have approved laws mandating workplaces train their employees about anti-sexual harassment. Learn more about each state's requirements in this helpful guide.

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  • Top Courses of 2018

    Top Courses of 2018

    Learn more about our top topic areas in 2018 and our values-based educational content that goes beyond rules-based compliance.

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  • LRN's Catalyst Analytics

    LRN's Catalyst Analytics

    Learn how you can use new data metrics to measure your compliance program.

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  • To Tackle Gray Areas, Train Employees to Do the Right Thing - Article in Chief Learning Officer

    To Tackle Gray Areas, Train Employees to Do the Right Thing - Article in Chief Learning Officer

    To avoid workplace scandal, companies must move away from “check the box” training and toward corporate learning that encourages ethical behavior. Here are a few ways companies can do just that.

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  • LRN's Catalyst® Platform

    LRN's Catalyst® Platform

    Learn more about our innovative SaaS web-based platform, Catalyst®, providing everything you need to host, deliver, track and manage your ethics and compliance program.

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  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Curriculum

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  • LRN's Catalyst Connect

    LRN's Catalyst Connect

    Learn how your organization can integrate your ethics and compliance program into an easy-to-use mobile app, giving employees on-the-go access to the content and tools they need.

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  • Combatting Cyber Threat

    Combatting Cyber Threat

    Learn how to effectively meet the challenge of cyber threat by fostering the right employee behavior through practical applications.

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  • LRN Solutions Overview

    LRN Solutions Overview

    Read this factsheet to learn about LRN's comprehensive ethics and compliance (E&C) solutions to help organizations' build thriving, values-based cultures and drive business outcomes.

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  • Catalyst AIM

    Catalyst AIM

    Learn about a powerful tool that helps you understand what employees do on the job so you can effectively develop their knowledge and skillsets.

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  • Catalyst Offline

    Catalyst Offline

    No internet? No problem. Reach offline learners with the same engaging content experience wherever they are.

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  • This is LRN1:01

    This is LRN

    Watch this short video to learn about our cutting-edge ethics and compliance platform, Catalyst, and our innovative, award-winning educational course suite.

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  • Drive Engagement with E&C Education1:51

    Drive Engagement with E&C Education

    Click here to take a sneak peek of LRN's latest, top-rated E&C course offerings spanning a plethora of industry-relevant topics.

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  • Course Video: What Happens In Vegas...1:13

    Course Video: What Happens In Vegas...

    Click to watch this teaser of our Telly-awarding winning video, "What Happens In Vegas," which is featured in our Trust & Respect in the Workplace course.

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  • Course Video: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)1:12

    Course Video: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Click here to view LRN's course clip on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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  • Gearing Up for GDPR

    Gearing Up for GDPR

    Download & share this fact sheet with employees to give them an overview of GDPR.

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  • 2017 Learner's Survey Results

    2017 Learner's Survey Results

    2017's end-of-year course survey included responses from 180,000 learners, who agree that LRN's courses are high quality, engaging, and help to make connections between risk scenarios and real-life.

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