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March 11, 2019 LRN Corporation

Dear Partner,

In this month's edition of Ethics & Compliance Monthly, we are proud to announce that the 2019 E&C Program Effectiveness Report will launch this week. Before it's released to the public, we are pleased to provide our Partners with advanced access to the report. Our goal with this report is to provide organizations with a roadmap they can use to create or enhance E&C programs to inspire principled behavior in every area of operation.

In addition, we present you with our newest research, featured perspectives, latest headlines, new product and course updates and upcoming events. Continue reading below to learn more. 


LRN's annual E&C Program Effectiveness Report will be publicly released later this week! This year's report focuses on how high-impact programs operationalize best practices in the workplace. We surveyed nearly 500 ethics, compliance, and legal experts and practitioners around the world and discovered that organizations that embrace their values by embedding E&C programs in their business outperform in workplace effectiveness. Before it's released to the public, we are proud to share advanced access to our Partners.




The 2019 State of Moral Leadership in Business Report

In the second volume of this report, we analyze how leadership influences behavior and impacts performance. This year, we share results from interviews with more than 1,100 employees, managers, and executives across 17 different industries. For more insights on the state of moral leadership in business and suggestions on how you can build moral authority at your own organization, access the full report by clicking the button below.


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Webcast: How to Operationalize your E&C Program with Data Analytics 

Reserve your spot on March 27th for a webinar featuring Susan Divers, Peter Florstedt of AECOM and Joseph Suich of GE Power. Our 2019 Program Effectiveness Report shows that using integrated data allows organizations to better understand employee concerns and proactively spot potential indicators of misconduct. Learn from two practitioners as they discuss systems in use, insights gained and actions taken through this type of data analytics. 



New On-Demand Webcast: How Moral Leadership Drives Better Business Performance

In our latest on-demand webcast, Emily Miner and Jan Stanley define moral leadership and explain how leading with moral authority can lift individual and organizational performance. This webcast answers questions such as: How does moral leadership drive better business performance? What are the 7 practices of moral leaders? What happens when moral leadership is missing?


How Your Organization Can Implement an Impactful Code of Conduct 

LRN's Jim Walton recently wrote an article, "Your code of conduct looks great, but what does it do?" for SCCE's CEP Magazine. This article dives into the components of a code of conduct your organization should implement to truly make it impactful. Read an excerpt of the article on our blog.

The Positive Effects of Policy Simplification

"[B]y simplifying policies and making them easy to navigate, E&C programs can increase employee engagement and comprehension without sacrificing compliance." LRN's Susan Divers shares the positive effects of policy simplification for The FCPA Blog, a source for new and commentary about white-collar crime, enforcement and compliance.



Catalyst Connect

Did you know that Catalyst Connect is powered by Smart Search? With Smart Search, you can:

Get answers on demand - Your content (code of conduct, policies, microlearning) is optimized to be searchable in the app. If your employees have a question (or are unsure what constitutes a bribe), the results are only a quick search away.

Type or talk - Questions can be typed into the app or using voice-activated search can be asked directly.


Course Updates

New Course Released in 2019: 

-Antitrust: Trade Associations

-Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

-Catalyzing Conversations Toolkit: The Tone from the Very Top - Board Oversight of Ethics and Compliance

Launching soon:

-Speaking Up and Standing Up for What's Right: Reporting and Retaliation

-HIPAA: An Overview

-Workplace Harassment: A Canadian Perspective




Don't forget to say hi to LRN if you'll be attending any of the events below!

SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute
Berlin, Germany
March 10-12, 2019

Ethisphere: 10th Annual Global Ethics Summit
New York NY
March 13-14, 2019

USC Women's Conference: Leading Through Impact
Washington, DC
March 14-15, 2019



The need for moral leadership is more urgent than ever. LRN's 2019 State of Moral Leadership in Business report confirms that the demand for moral leaders is growing stronger.


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