2020 LRN Ethics and Compliance PEI Report

As we publish our 2020 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report, the COVID-19 virus is devastating communities across the world. In the midst of the tragedy, there are shining examples of individuals and organizations doing their best to help those afflicted, going above and beyond what is required by law or duty.

These efforts demonstrate once again the power of values to inspire ethical behavior, particularly in the face of adversity. Our report sheds empirical insight onto how shared values can help organizations scale ethics throughout their operations, a topic all the more timely in light of the challenges we face.

From everyone at LRN, we extend fervent wishes that you and your families, communities, and colleagues stay safe during this profound crisis.

- David Greenberg, LRN Corporation

About the Author

Susan Divers

Experienced Ethics and Compliance Executive. Senior Advisor at LRN

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