Thinking Around the Corner: KKR’s Bruce Karpati Embraces the Passion and Purpose of Ethics, Compliance

“You really have to come with passion and purpose. If you don’t have that purpose and mission around it, you’re not going to be effective.” 

Bruce Karpati 

In today’s Principled episode, Bruce Karpati, global chief compliance officer at KKR speaks with LRN’s Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames. Karpati has experience both within the government, when he led the SEC’s Asset Management Unit, and within companies, which gives him an appreciation of the importance for compliance and taking regulations seriously. He shares the key characteristics for a chief compliance officer to be successful, talks about innovative initiatives he is implementing to get lift-off for his programs across KKR’s portfolio companies. These endeavors help to ensure the company gets ahead of potential threats.


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Bruce Karpati is the global chief compliance officer and counsel at global investment firm KKR. Prior to joining KKR, he was chief compliance officer of Prudential Investments, the mutual fund and distribution business of Prudential Financial. Karpati previously was national chief of the SEC’s Asset Management Unit, which he co-founded. In this role, he supervised a staff of 75 attorneys, industry experts, and other professionals. Karpati joined the SEC as a staff attorney in 2000. In 2007, he founded the SEC’s Hedge Fund Working Group, a cross-office initiative to combat securities fraud in the hedge fund industry. Karpati is on the board of NSCP, and serves as an adjunct professor at Fordham University Law School. He began his career in private practice at Dechert LLP after earning his degree from University of Buffalo Law School. He has a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Tufts University.  



  • [0:53] Karpati shares a bit about KKR as an organization and its reach?
  • [1:32] He talks about his program and how it approaches compliance across a global footprint?
  • [3:09] How does he partner locally to convey some of the core critical messages? How does he  hold those local stakeholders accountable?
  • [4:38] How much two-way input is he open to from a cultural compliance standpoint?
  • [5:51] What innovative tactics does Karpati employ as it relates to lift-off of his compliance strategy?
  • [8:51] Karpati recounts his time leading the SEC’s Asset Management Unit and how his approach to E&C was impacted by sitting on both sides of the compliance profession?
  • [11:31] What are some of the characteristics a CCO needs to have to be successful?
  • [15:27] What drew him to a career in compliance? 

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