Webcast Replay: Operationalizing Your Compliance Program

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Webcast Replay: Operationalizing Your Compliance Program

How to Make Your Program as Effective as Possible at Every Stage of Its Evolution

The key challenge for today’s ethics leaders is making ethics part of the ordinary decision-making at their organization, not a once-in-a-while “check the box” exercise. But ethics and compliance programs differ in their level of maturity, resources and reach, making that challenge even more difficult. What can you do now to make your program more robust, more effective and more fully operationalized?

Watch this webcast to learn from the man that wrote the book on operationalizing compliance, Tom Fox, whose weekly podcasts and blog as The Compliance Evangelist promote best practices and inspire innovation. LRN’s Susan Divers, a former award-winning Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Tom give practical advice on how to maximize impact at every stage of your organization’s ethics journey.

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