#HOW Matters Series

A series of video clips from one-on-one conversations between LRN CEO, Dov Seidman, and some of the greatest thinkers and most prominent leaders on the state of our reshaped world.

  • #HOW Matters, John Carreyrou3:49

    #HOW Matters, John Carreyrou

    Bad Blood author John Carreyrou on the toxic culture of Theranos.

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  • #HOW Matters, Morten Hansen1:47

    #HOW Matters, Morten Hansen

    How do some people perform better than others?

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  • #HOW Matters, Paul Daugherty3:25

    #HOW Matters, Paul Daugherty

    The Age of Advanced Humanity

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  • #HOW Matters, Andrew Keen 1:46

    #HOW Matters, Andrew Keen

    Moral leadership as the driving force for change.

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  • #HOW Matters, Tom Friedman2:01

    #HOW Matters, Tom Friedman

    How do we unrig the system?

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