#HOW Matters Livecast Replay: How Meets When

May 14, 2019 LRN Corporation

Watch a replay of the latest installment of our #HOW Matters Series, a collection of intimate conversations with some of the greatest thinkers and most prominent leaders on the state of our reshaped world. 

In this livecast, LRN CEO Dov Seidman hosts Daniel H. Pink, the author of six provocative books — including his newest, "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing", which spent four months on the New York Times bestseller list and was named a best book of 2018 by Amazon, iBooks, Goodreads, and other outlets.

Many of you know that Dov wrote the best-selling book, HOW: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything, which examines a series of “how” questions and reinforces the idea that how we behave, lead, govern, operate, consume, engender trust in our relationships, and relate to others matters more than ever and in ways it never has before. In Dan’s best-selling book, "When", he unlocks the scientific secrets to good timing to help people consider "when" decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person. Timing, it’s often assumed, is an art. Dan draws on a rich trove of research from psychology, biology, and economics to illustrate that timing is really a science.

Watch the HOW guy meet the WHEN guy for a conversation on the when and how questions we all face on the job, which should be particularly relevant for ethics and compliance leaders concerned about raising the standards of workplace behavior.

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