#HOW Matters Livecast Replay: Freedom in a Conflicted World

February 8, 2019

Is increased freedom in our lives and institutions the strategy for winning needed in a more complex world?

According to Zainab Salbi - humanitarian, media host, author, and founder and former CEO of Washington-based Women for Women International – “As long as we are conflicted within, we will continue to live in conflict without. If we want to change the world, we need to begin with ourselves. This is the path to freedom.”

Our latest #HOWMatters conversation – this time Dov Seidman was joined by Zainab to discuss her highly personal new book, Freedom is an Inside Job, and the impact of freedom on the way we lead in a more conflicted world.

This conversation is particularly relevant for individuals interested in leading without fear but with increased dialogue, transparency and compassion. Among the related issues to be considered, the two will discuss the rise of women in positions of formal authority, the impact and future of #metoo, and the role of freedom in creating more diverse and inclusive workforces.

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