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LRN's Learning Library is designed for a global, diverse workforce that's on the move. Today's learners are taking on more functions and tasks at work than ever before. To accommodate this fast-paced, mobile-learning environment, LRN offers an effective microlearning solution to help build and maintain risk awareness and influence principled behavior. Our microlearning strategy is not about just replacing longer modules with shorter ones. We understand that learner retention is driven by delivering a sequence of related learning experiences over time to truly make it "stick." LRN offers an exclusive blueprint for building microlearning campaigns that cascade related content in diverse formats over time. This strategic approach increases efficacy and promotes reinforcement of your company's key topics and risks. LRN MICOLEARNING ASSETS • 100+ microlearning experiences • Short, bite-sized content modules and standalone learning assets combine to create an engaging and unique microlearning strategy that fits your employees' schedule and training requirements • Formats include: short modules, vignettes, videos, infographics, quizzes, and more MICROLEARNING STRATEGY Research has shown that a microlearning strategy does a better job of meeting employees where they sit and has a greater impact on learning retention. INTRODUCE REVIEW CONNECT LEARN REINFORCE

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