Trust and Respect in the Workplace

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• No biases or mixed motives • Understand supervisors role • Be an positive/approachable leader • Speak up — encourage zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior • Know your responsibility as a leader ® RESPECT IN THE WORKPLACE P O W E R DO SOMETHING LISTEN UP LEAD NO TOLERANCE Respond to the heightened need for accountability and right action amid a culture of sexual harassment in the workplace. Reinforce how to behave as a supervisor to foster a climate of no tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace. Power implies an even greater responsibility to act in an ethical manner! PROVIDE safe space and ample time to listen and respond to employee allegations and concerns OBSERVE the oce climate and culture, noting how tone is maintained and intervening if/ when it is not WARNING SIGNS be mindful of verbal and nonverbal cues, interrupting and rationalizing inappropriate behavior ENSURE that your behavior is an exemplar and model a zero tolerance stance RESPOND SWIFTLY, CLEARLY, DEFINITIVELY words, actions, and reporting consistent with company policy • Be approachable with an Open-door policy • Listen up — time and attention (avoid interrupting) • Take allegations seriously • Report concerns accurately and timely • Accessible policy and a reporting mechanism A Zero-Tolerance Stance on Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

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