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As the DOJ increasingly looks at not just the existence, but also the effectiveness of a corporation's compliance program, the need to help employees navigate compliance risk is ever more evident and urgent. LRN's Catalyst Connect mobile app can help by giving your employees tools to understand risk faster, get answers to complex questions on-demand, and make the right decisions. Catalyst Connect also empowers compliance professionals to easily measure the impact and effectiveness of programs and pinpoint risks through data. Leveraging your employees' mobile devices, Catalyst Connect seamlessly integrates with your existing ethics and compliance applications and company infrastructure, and encompasses your branding and program resources. BENEFITS AND FEATURES • A compliance program in your employees' pockets A single, easy-to-use interface integrates the applications and tools your employees need to stay in compliance. Featuring artificial intelligence (AI) search capabilities, the answers to your employee's questions are never more than a quick search away. • Data for assessing risks and program effectiveness Compliance professionals gain access to data that helps them better understand program engagement and effectiveness. Search queries can be used to identify knowledge gaps that can then be filled with LRN's world-class content library. • Long-term engagement Microlearning and augmented reality (AR) learning experiences allow employees to apply knowledge at any time. A gamified rewards system assigns points to employees based on content interaction and levels of engagement. • Completely configurable Catalyst Connect is configurable to align with your company's unique set of needs. From branding to features, you can select what you need to make the app yours. Admin users can publish and share content instantly with employees, including updates to your code, policies, communications and microlearning. Business rules can also be applied to enable content to be automatically delivered based on risks (e.g. regional risk reminders). THE ALL-IN-ONE ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE APP Knowledge Service Provider™

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