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In the wake of ongoing corporate scandals, boards of directors must set a moral tone for the businesses they oversee. In addition to preventing misconduct, ethical cultures have been linked to growth and long-term, sustainable success. Boards with a firm grasp of ethics and compliance and the role it plays in shaping culture, directing leadership, and informing governance are more effective in their oversight and deliver critical business value. What's more, regulators and courts are holding boards and individual directors accountable when they fail to do so. HOW WE CAN HELP Leveraging over 23 years of experience and evidence-based success factors, LRN will work with your board to design a customized experience that builds understanding and capability around ethics & compliance. Key areas of focus include: We offer a range of solutions: • ONE-HOUR SESSION: explore the evolving landscape of ethics and compliance • HALF-DAY SESSION: experiential case studies that catalyze discussion around the role of boards in ethics and compliance • FULL-DAY SESSION: as descried above + facilitated action planning for the board to exercise its oversight mandate • CATALYZING CONVERSATION TOOLKIT: off-the-shelf library content to facilitate interactive training with your board "Across a range of responsibilities, we simply expect much more of boards of directors than ever before. " – JEROME POWELL, CHAIRMAN OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE Knowledge Service Provider™ Shaping board oversight to set tone from the very top about governance, culture, and leadership expectations Maximizing limited board time to promote good conduct and deter misconduct Assessing progress on corporate culture, ethics and compliance Eectively exercising oversight of CECOs and ethics and compliance initiatives Using the oversight of ethics and compliance as a lever to influence overall corporate culture and create competitive advantage HELPING BOARDS SEIZE LEADERSHIP ON ETHICS & COMPLIANCE

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