Do People Want to Work for Your Company? Joe Kale on How Your Culture Will Determine Your Fate

“We were able collectively to turn what I would consider a very hierarchical, almost a military way of doing things, to being much more collaborative"

Joe Kale

This episode of the Principled podcast finds our host, Marsha Ershaghi Hames, speaking with Joseph Kale, executive director of ethics and compliance at Creative Associates International. Kale describes his experience building and running the ethics and compliance program at Lockheed Martin. 

The pair discuss the current focus on corporate culture as the ultimate competitive advantage that companies can leverage. They cover why culture matters and how stakeholders are key to change a culture. Kale explains how critical it is all levels of leadership exhibit behavior aligned with company values, and how any inconsistencies can be rectified.



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Joseph Kale is an accomplished ethics and compliance leader, with extensive experience and expertise creating top-tier, values-based ethics and compliance programs and transforming organizational cultures. He currently is executive director ethics and compliance for Creative Associates International, a leading development company based in Washington, D.C. 

Prior to joining Creative, Kale was executive consultant and advisor for partner strategy and development at LRN. Previous to that, he served as chief ethics and compliance officer at DynCorp International. 

Kale spent a large part of his career at Lockheed Martin, serving as the business area ethics director for two of Lockheed Martin’s largest businesses, and as one of the architects for the company’s ethics and business conduct program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from St. Joseph’s University, and matriculated in General Electric’s Financial Management Program.



  • [0:57] How did you enter the compliance and ethics field 

  • [3:49] In your career, what levers or influences do you see in the design of effective compliance and ethics programs?

  • [5:18] As companies are evolving their compliance and ethics strategies, what hallmarks are you seeing for them to scale their impact?

  • [7:08] Why does company culture matter?

  • [8:36] Who are the stakeholders that need to be collaborated with on the inside to really improve company culture?

  • [10:35] How do you catalyze in middle layer of an organization to mobilize the messaging from the top?

  • [12:57] How can inconsistent behavior be addressed and scaled when you are doing business outside the U.S.?

  • [14:52] What are some of the potential disruptors to culture being everyone’s responsibility?

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