Putting a New Spin on Things: Gwen Lee Hassan Takes On Challenge of CNH Spinoff

“No matter how high your sales performance might be, or how wonderful of an employee you might be, you will never be excellent if you are not conducting yourself in a way that is full of integrity, and demonstrates ethical decision-making and leadership.”  

Gwen Lee Hassan 

Gwen Lee Hassan, Managing Counsel for Global Compliance and Ethics at CNH Industrial, speaks with LRN's Ben DiPietro. CNH is a large equipment manufacturing company that is splitting into two companies in the upcoming year. Hassan shares her plans for creating a duplicate compliance program for the new spin company, and iterates the importance of adaptability in a changing organization. Though she attended law school later in life, Gwen has found her passion in compliance at CNH. She encourages young people and women starting off in their careers to take chances, stand up for their passions, and step out of their comfort zones to find a job they truly love


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Gwen Lee Hassan, managing counsel, global compliance & ethics, CNH Industrial, works from the company’s North American corporate headquarters in Burr Ridge, Ill. Hassan provides legal counsel, and has day-to-day operational responsibility, for the global compliance and ethics program for CNH Industrial, the world’s third-largest capital goods maker, and second-largest manufacturer of farming equipment. Her expertise includes compliance program structure and operation; compliance investigations; enterprise risk assessment and management; compliance strategy; corruption prevention; trade compliance; policy development; and training. Hassan serves as an adjunct professor for the Loyola University School of Law, where she developed a course on compliance practice. She is a graduate of DePaul University School of Law, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  


  • [0:51] What is CNH, what does it do, and where does it operate?
  • [1:43] What are the core values of the company? How does your ethics and compliance program project those values back to employees, stakeholders and anyone else who's interested?
  • [4:12] How did you come up with a different form of messaging that incorporates all of that?
  • [5:46] With CNH’s plan to separate into an on-highway and off-highway company, what are you dealing with and how are you tackling it and how does that all work out?
  • [9:55] Will you be in charge of just one of those, then, or where does your role evolve into?
  • [10:51] CNH does business in more than 100 countries, putting a large emphasis on supply chain risk. How important is training, communications, and tone from top in driving urgency about maintaining diligence over the supply chain?
  • [14:01] What path did you take to wind up in a career in ethics and compliance? What do you find interesting still about the work that keeps you invested in it and passionate about it? What advice would you share with the younger professionals, especially women, who are just entering or looking to enter the E&C profession?  

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