Upward Mobility: Dr. Haynes Bolts Into Action on Access, Opportunity, Community

“When we look at micromobility, when we look at any industry, it’s really about looking to see where the problems are, where are the pain points, and how can you provide value to your investors.” 

Dr. B. Sarah Haynes, PH.D. 

Dr. B. Sarah Haynes, Ph.D., chief executive of Bolt Mobility, a micro-mobility company with a mission to redesign cities and change human behavior, speaks with LRN’s Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames. Sarah talks about how Bolt is entering the market and the impact its products offer in terms of access to education and healthcare. As a non-traditional CEO, with a Ph.D in neuroscience, Sarah brings a different skillset to the role, and describes how women need to have more conversations around putting themselves up for growth positions and embracing opportunities. 


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Dr. Haynes is co-founder, co-chief executive, and chair of Bolt Mobility, and has more than 25 years of experience in business and program development, philanthropy, business strategy, human resources operations, and executive coaching. Sarah has worked in multiple sectors, including micromobility transportation; business development; venture capital; behavioral health; collaborative consumption; etc. She has an established track record of developing and operating successful businesses that thrive as a result of her contributions in risk management and leadership development. Sarah has a doctor of philosophy in clinical psychology, and holds a certificate from the Professional Management Certificate Program from Georgetown University. She previously served as a member of the full-time faculty on clinical research at Georgetown’s School of Medicine. She has led recruitment efforts for various teams and risk mitigation and compliance efforts, and also previously served as the chief of staff for Sherpa Capital, a leading venture capital firm. In the past, Sarah has been an active program volunteer with the YMCA of Silicon Valley, and held a position on the steering committee for UNICEF USA to support disaster and humanitarian relief.


  • [0:53] What is Bolt Mobility’s purpose and mission?
  • [2:10] What is micro-mobility? How is it transforming cities?
  • [3:25] How is Bolt being brought into the market?
  • [5:07] How does Bolt go into communities to provide a tangible transit solution to allow access to education and healthcare?
  • [6:34] Was there a transportation desert and did Bolt emerge to solve that problem, or is the company crafting a new cultural mindset around how we define the concept of access?
  • [9:45] What skills from her career have helped Dr. Haynes in her current role as CEO?
  • [12:36] What are the risks and opportunities facing the micro-mobility industry? 

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