The Key Role of Human Resources in Creating a Values-Based Culture: A Talk With LRN’s Danielle Schlar

Culture is probably the number one thing people talk about when they want to join new companies. When we do interviews, we always ask people, ‘What are you looking for in your next role?’ and the number one answer is always culture."

Danielle Schlar

This episode of Principled podcast finds host Marsha Ershaghi Hames interviewing LRN’s global head of people, Danielle Schlar. Schlar talks about people management and organizational culture. She shares insights into the role human resources plays in creating a values-based company culture supportive of employees. The discussion shifts to the role #MeToo has played in shaping the conversation surrounding workplace diversity and sexual harassment. Schlar talks about the responsibility leaders and management have in driving the conversation, and in instilling the right values throughout the organization.



Danielle Schlar has been practicing HR for over 10 years and has experience in all aspects of the field including recruiting, HR technology, benefits, employee engagement, employee relations, compensation and operations. She has held HR leadership roles at major NYC law firms, financial institutions, and built and ran the HR function at fast growing start-up.

In 2016, Danielle joined LRN to bring Human Resources back to the organization and has been managing the HR function globally for the last three years. She is also a member of LRN’s corporate leadership team, the People and Principled Performance Council.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management, both from New York University. She is certified as both a Senior Professional in HR (HCRI) and a Senior Certified Professional in HR (SHRM) and is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management.



  • How do you see your role within an organization crafting and charting organizational culture? [1:50]

  • Who are the mentors that have helped influence you? [2:51]

  • In light of some of the outcomes of #MeToo, there is a significant focus on diversifying. How can that impact and help the business? [3:47] 

  • In relation to bias and sexual harassment, where do you see the overlap in responsibility between compliance and HR headed? [5:37] 

  • What role do leaders play in helping drive the conversation? [6:27]

  • How do you develop and coach leaders on the skills they need? [7:29] 

  • What is some advice on how to deal with implicit bias, and how to develop greater sensitivity? [8:38]

  • How much do you think the application of what is learned in training is effective? Does measuring matter? Should there be ways for measuring training effectiveness? [10:11] 

  • Where do see you the opportunity in connecting values to behavior and management? What can companies do to put values into action? [11:43]

  • What is the importance of recognition, both formal and informal, in building a healthy company culture? [13:39]

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