Global Ethics and Compliance: Jonathan Drimmer on Tailoring Values-Based Programs for Multinationals

“One-size-fits-all approaches really don’t work. The best programs, in my view, for multinational companies are almost a series of individually designed programs for each locale.”

Jonathan Drimmer 

In today’s Principled episode, Jonathan Drimmer, a Partner of the law firm, Paul Hastings, LLP speaks with Ben DiPietro, editor of LRN’s E&C Pulse newsletter. Prior to his current role, Jonathan was the Chief Compliance Officer at Barrack Gold, a large mining company, where he worked to improve the programs across five continents, including workforce engagement, training, monitoring through metrics, driving company culture through behavioral modeling, and using values to positively identify third parties to work with. Jonathan explains how a one-size-fits-all Compliance program doesn’t work for a multinational company, and how programs, training and engagement can all be improved by taking a hyper-local approach to each locale.



Headshot of guest, Jonathan Drimmer

Jonathan C. Drimmer is a partner in the investigations and white collar defense practice at Paul Hastings, based in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. He resolves complex cross-border problems with the benefit of having sat in every chair at the table: senior legal officer for a global 500 company, federal prosecutor, and seasoned advocate. He is a recognized international expert on anti-corruption and business and human rights, and is a frequent speaker, author, and commentator on issues related to both topics. Before joining Paul Hastings, he was deputy general counsel and chief compliance officer of Barrick Gold, one of the world’s largest mining companies, with operations on five continents. Aspects of the program he built at Barrick are the subject of a 2016 Harvard Business School case study. Drimmer has directed hundreds of investigations around the world related to anti-corruption; human rights; AML and export controls; tax controversies; environmental incidents; public disclosures; fatalities and health and safety injuries; sexual harassment and discrimination, and other areas. He has a law degree from UCLA, and a bachelor's degree from Stanford University.



  • [0:58] Drimmer recounts his journey from being a lawyer to getting into ethics and compliance, and what he does in his role at Paul Hastings?
  • [3:25] During his time at Barrack, what were the main ethics and compliance challenges Drimmer faced and how did he handle those? How did the program change or improve during his tenure?
  • [6:29] How did he deal with the issues in far-flung jurisdictions when integrating the ethics and compliance program with the human rights program.
  • [8:49] What are some tips to ensure program consistency and yet still be specific to each locale that you are doing business in?
  • [10:04] How can training better engage stakeholders in the company’s ethics and compliance program?
  • [12:15] What are two things that companies should do, but often don’t, to better embed ethics and compliance in the organization?
  • [14:10] Drimmer provides tips for ethics and compliance professionals to build key relationships that bolster buy-in and support in organizations?
  • [15:32] What does he predict will be happening in ethics and compliance over the next 10 or 25 years? 

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