A People-centered Approach: Introducing New Ethics and Compliance Strategy From World Bank Group's Jorge Dajani

“Training is evolving as we speak. The way we train new generations is very different from the we used to do training. And we need to adapt.”


Jorge Dajani

This episode of Principled features Jorge Dajani, the Chief Ethics Officer of the World Bank Group. Dajani directs the Ethics and Business Conduct Department, which upholds high ethical standards for staff members. With a background in economics, Dajani approaches ethics similarly in terms of governance and corporate social responsibility.

He has held different roles at multiple companies, having been a shareholder, donor, and member of multiple boards. One of Dajani’s current initiatives at World Bank is to ensure that ethics is present throughout the bank, including risk-taking, risks operations, in procurement, and more. In this episode, he dives into topics such as ethics training, sexual harassment, new reporting systems, and more.


Headshot of guest, Jorge Dajani

Jorge Dajani is the chief ethics officer of the World Bank Group, and has been in the position since June 2018. Dajani directs the Ethics and Business Conduct Department, which promotes the development and application of the highest ethical standards by staff members. He provides overall strategic leadership on ethics and business conduct, ensuring ethics and values are fully incorporated into the strategy of the entire World Bank Group.

Dajani possesses a deep knowledge of multilateral development banks, a proven track record in corporate strategy and development, and a reputation for effective stakeholder engagement. He is widely recognized for his management skills and stewardship of policies and procedures within international financial institutions with a focus on strategy, ethics and governance. 

Prior to his current role, Dajani was alternate executive director at the International Monetary Fund. Previously, he served as director general for macroeconomic analysis and international finance at the Ministry of Economy of Spain. He has served on the boards of several multilateral banks, including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, and the African Development Bank. 

He was Spain’s chief negotiator for the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Green Climate Fund, and has been a member of the economic policy committees of the European Union and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

  • [0:49] How did you come to find yourself in a career in ethics? What was the path that's taken you to this point?

  • [1:54] How did he get to the World Bank? Where did he start his career?

  • [2:50] What are his main priorities s chief ethics officer? What is he trying to accomplish?

  • [4:46] How often is ethics training offered? What types of trainings are offered? How can technology improve the engagement and knowledge retention of employees and stakeholders? What are some new ways he is using to send ethics messages, beyond training?

  • [6:58] What is the World Bank doing to educate about sexual harassment and issues similar to that

  • [10:20] World Bank has taken an innovative step by adopted a reporting system where people can file the complaint, but then they can choose when and with whom they want to share it at their time. What’s the benefit of that?

  • [12:34] What does Dajani look at when he measures to decide if what he is doing is successful, or not?

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