Companies Do Not Have to Sacrifice Ethics for Competitiveness: Dov Seidman Interview in Crain’s New York Business

Crain's New York

In this Q&A with our Founder and CEO, Dov Seidman’s message is clear: moral leadership and behavior generate a competitive advantage and help deliver better performance.

Given the every-day revelations of sexual harassment in the workplace, Seidman noted: “These are windows into our values. If you measure something, you’re saying it matters. If you ignore it, you’re saying it doesn’t matter.”

Here are more excerpts:

“We’ve seen a big uptick in existing clients using our courses on preventing sexual harassment and more companies coming to us. The part that makes me optimistic is that people are debating whether things have gotten worse, but worse relative to better standards. There are higher expectations of social norms.

“Business is about proprietary advantage, doing things with excellence that the competition can’t copy.

“The institutions—gig economy or not—that can scale trust are the ones that are going to win. The more disruptive and dynamic and uncertain the business environment is, the more winning in the long term depends on human qualities.

“The future is on those who can compete through depth, not by how many clicks and page views and customers they have. Businesses are bringing conventional cost-benefit thinking to this new economy but should be getting down to their principles: What are the values that we need to live by consistently, however inconvenient?

“If you can scale trust, truth and proper governance, then capitalism is still the best system for harnessing human potential and unleashing what makes human beings special. But how capitalism is working now is resulting in more inequality. There are calls for 2.0, inclusive capitalism and conscious capitalism, but we don’t need these extra words. The very idea of capitalism is inclusive, conscious and moral. We need to do capitalism 1.0 properly.”

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Photo: Buck Ennis

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