Skip Pritchard Interview with Dov Seidman: How We Do Anything Means Everything

In this far-ranging interview, Skip Prichard, an accomplished CEO, growth-oriented business leader, and keynote speaker, probes LRN CEO Dov Seidman for answers—and inspiration—about leadership, capitalism, building organizational trust, and why “How” matters more than ever.

Trust, Seidman says, “empowers others but, because it is a virtue, it also empowers one’s self. We tend to trust those who get their ‘How’s’ right—people who are transparent, forthcoming, open, and honest; who share credit and opportunity with us; and who communicate fully, build strong interpersonal synapses, and keep their promises. In short, people with integrity.”

So how can leaders inspire trust in today’s world? As Seidman tells Prichard, “leaders in 20th century capitalist enterprises historically differentiated themselves by WHAT they did. Now, the great opportunity is to outbehave the competition, which means what really matters is HOW we do WHAT we do.”

“A leader who inspires trust must be the first and strongest follower of the ideals he or she espouses,” explains Seidman. “When leaders fail to live up to their own stated values, they’re announcing that they can’t be trusted.”

In fact, “for business leaders,” Seidman concludes, “it has never been more essential—and consequential—to know who you are, what your business stands for, and have both of those elements animate and inform every decision you make. For me, this is the single most important factor in sustaining and strengthening capitalism in the 21st century – in a way that allows it to keep giving us the freedom we cherish.”

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