A 7-Step Guide: How To Operationalize Ethics & Compliance Training Into Your Business (Portuguese)

November 7, 2018

Earlier this year we completed a study of nearly 400 ethics, compliance and legal practitioners around the world in our 2018 Ethics and Compliance Program Effectiveness Report. The results were clear — high-performing E&C programs foster values-based behavior and a greater focus on ethics and culture.

Organizations have since contacted us to ask: how do the best companies ensure their E&C training and communications efforts result in improved ethical workplace behavior? 

To answer this question, we created a report that shares additional findings. A few highlights:

  • 3 best practices from E&C training and communications programs
  • 4 ways middle managers can encourage increased dialogue around E&C issues raised by their teams

We also identified 7 steps organizations can take to ensure their E&C training fosters ethical, values-based behavior and aligns with the Department of Justice’s compliance criteria. To read these steps, download this latest report.

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