The Freedom Report

The Freedom Index measures the health of a company’s relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers and community members through the metric of freedom. We find that “high freedom” companies dramatically outperform all others in terms of financial results, innovation and long-term success, making “freedom” a key conduit to value-creation.

The extent to which a company is “free” measures both how free actors – employees, customers, suppliers or community members – are from hierarchies and rules as well as how those actors freely deploy their power in a values-based manner to further the mission of a company. The dataset consists of 834 responses to an online survey from professionals and executives at U.S. companies with greater than 1,000 employees or more than US $1.5 billion in revenue.

Read the report to learn more about its four major findings:

  • Freedom exists in two forms: “freedom from” and “freedom to”
  • Only 1/5th of companies score highly on freedom in all its major relationships
  • Deeply embedded values are far more prevalent in “high freedom” companies
  • Not all values are the same: Humanistic values matter more for business performance
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