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Embedding Ethics & Compliance Into the Business: A Talk With Mike McIntyre

May 27, 2019 LRN Corporation


On this episode of the Principled podcast, host Marsha Ershaghi Hames interviews Michael McIntyre, principal attorney at his firm of the same name.

Michael describes how the environmental movement of the 60s and 70s influenced his beginnings as a prosecutor in the environmental enforcement section of the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C.. As a pioneer in requiring compliance programs, the DOJ provided Michael with his first glimpse into global compliance and ethics. He would eventually move on to become a compliance officer at a large-scale paper company, followed by his position as senior in-house counsel for a fortune 150 multinational semiconductor manufacturer. As a professional in the field over three decades, Michael dives into the transformation of global compliance and ethics.


  • [4:10] How do you take lessons from evolutions, legislature in the field and integrate them into program design?
  • [4:34] Following baseline definitions for meeting standards and following procedure (including, but not limited to: hiring well, designating responsibility, discipline/rewards, and training and communication)
  • [5:43] How do you take global challenges and scale them to work for your own program?
  • [5:56] Research, trial and error, and having leaders (both senior and middle management) model good behavior. Employees are encouraged to mirror that behavior and meet the expectations of the customers, as they are in the best interest of the company itself.
  • [8:36] How are you able to foster stakeholder engagement in compliance and ethics as a business opportunity?
  • [9:03] Top-to-bottom; Michael was fortunate to work with people who were receptive to doing the right thing. It helps when people are willing to pull in the same direction, the right direction.
  • [10:14] How is hyper-transparency, social access impacting the ability to drive a sustained corporate culture?
  • [10:44] Having more channels to communicate with people is always a plus. You want your message to be simple, interesting, and effective without overloading your consumer base.
  • [11:49] What Michael anticipates being a top priority/goal/risk area.
  • [11:57] Artificial intelligence (and how to understand the risks and benefits of these programs), climate, and cyber security risks (which should be a concern for anyone who manages sensitive information)

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