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Following Her Path: Deni Anderson on Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Breaking Gender Stereotypes

July 22, 2019 LRN Corporation


In this episode, our host Marsha Ershaghi Hames interviews Deni Anderson, who is the Director of Global Compliance Operations at Endeavor.

Deni describes how she broadened her understanding on the compliance issues that leaders face when she began to work on the inside of organizations. She also shares with us the key traits of good leaders and how training is necessary to make sure that all management levels support their employees. The hidden biases of women in the workplace are discussed at length, which limit the opportunities for female leaders. Deni provides many solutions that will help to eliminate the barriers for women at work; including work/life balance programs, mentorship tracks for women leaders, and eliminating negative gender stereotypes.


  • [00:35] How did Deni decide to pursue a career in the compliance and ethics field?
  • [00:38] Deni saw many injustices in the workforce, including bullying, harassment and leaders who were not held accountable for their actions. To combat this, Deni discovered that she could help implement and enforce policies to ensure employees did the right thing.
  • [02:46] What have you seen as you’ve shifted from being on the outside as a solution provider to bringing that in-house to organizations?
  • [02:58] When you are on the inside, and you can understand the complex issues that leadership are facing, and you can do more than just advise. You can actually roll up your sleeves and dive in to help drive change in a way that does not impede the daily workflow.
  • [04:33] What skills or traits do leaders today need to carry forward?
  • [04:55] Leaders are judged by the positive impact that they have on their team and their business, and so great leaders promote good behavior while clearly defining expectations. Good leaders are enablers, who will give their people the tools they need to succeed.
  • [06:23] What is your advice to employees who want to get their middle management team involved in driving compliance and ethics?
  • [06:47] Leaders must “walk the walk” and the message from the top often gets lost at the middle management level, so training is required to make sure that they are empowered to do the right thing and support employees at all levels.
  • [08:04] What have been the most significant barriers to women rising in leadership?
  • [08:48] The most significant barrier was the stereotypical belief that men make the important decisions and are better leaders, while women are the caretakers. Women who are elected as leaders were deemed not able to fully commit to their role, because of their traditional support function in society.
  • [10:25] What are some of the strategies that we can teach the next generation of women so they can achieve more and go for it?
  • [10:35] We need to eliminate the barriers through education, work/life balance programs at all levels, raising awareness about sexual discrimination, and mentorship for women leaders. We also need to identify and eliminate the organization negative stereotypes about women.
  • [12:39] What will be some of the biggest disruptors as the compliance and ethics field evolves?
  • [12:51] Compliance and ethics professionals will need to build alliances with leadership and HR through awareness sessions in order to drive the message forward effectively.

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