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Taking Care of Business: Lisa Beth Lentini Walker Becomes a Champion of Wellbeing and Mindfulness for the Ethics and Compliance Profession

November 5, 2019 LRN Corporation

“I view success as a person who is living out their best life.”

 – Lisa Beth Lentini Walker

On today’s Principled episode, Ben DiPietro, editor of LRN’s ENC Newsletter, is interviewing the President and Founder of Lumen, Lisa Beth Lentini Walker. Lisa Beth explains why now is a great time to be in the Ethics and Compliance profession, and how companies, boards and consumers are demanding more in terms of workplace health, inclusion and governance. Lisa Beth has been a mentor to many successful Ethics and Compliance professionals, because she believes it’s a crucial part of developing future leaders and continuing to learn emotional intelligence and empathy as a leader herself. Finally, Lisa Beth adds how fears associated with mentoring a member of the opposite sex in the face of the #metoo movement are unjustified and how companies can improve and monitor diversity and inclusion going forward.


  • [0:52] Tell us about the path you took to get to the point of starting your own company.
  • [0:59] It’s a great time to be in compliance, ethics and governance, and Lisa Beth has taken all her experience in Ethics, Compliance, mentoring and consulting to help other companies manage risk as they build programs. Lumen also offers wellbeing and health mentoring within the profession.
  • [2:49] Was the need for wellness something you noticed as lacking in the marketplace or did you experience firsthand the burnout in the people around you?
  • [3:06] Right now there’s a growing awareness on the importance of holistic integration and prioritization. For people that have very stressful roles, there’s an opportunity to get things right and make a difference in the profession, before people reach the point of crisis. In addition, there’s a need for personnel that understand other human beings, in a time when Ethics and Compliance is very cross-functional and nuanced.
  • [5:49] What can Ethics and Compliance professionals do to improve relationships with other business units and are there any things that they should avoid?
  • [6:05] The skills of the future are all tied to emotional intelligence, and professionals must work on how they are showing up, active listening skills, and a commitment to authenticity. In order to be successful, professionals must be trusted advisors. 
  • [7:25] What happens if Ethics and Compliance can’t get buy-in and support?
  • [7:34] First, look at the relationships and build the buy-in and consensus through one-on-one conversations or education and awareness. A part of Ethics and Compliance is to be the guard dog, and you can’t be the lap dog that pleases everyone. Lean on mentors as well to learn if there’s something that you aren’t listening to and understanding, or if something you are saying isn’t being heard.
  • [9:15] How important is mentoring in the Ethics and Compliance profession?
  • [9:29] Mentoring is crucial, and those who are entering the profession need to hear from experienced mentors, which allows for a symbiotic learning relationship between the two parties.
  • [11:25] In response to the #metoo movement, many men have said they would be less likely to mentor a female colleague. How can we ensure that there aren’t lost opportunities for mentorship?
  • [11:46] While #metoo is a real and significant issue, it shouldn’t make people less likely to mentor a person of the opposite sex. You should mentor and you should behave in a way that is upstanding at all times.   
  • [12:32] What are some of the biggest obstacles when working through issues of diversity and inclusion in organizations and how should progress be measured?
  • [12:53] It’s about understanding and cultivating empathy within everyone. As an example, you can think about how you are structuring things in the workplace to ensure that everyone can participate, whether they have mobility challenges or otherwise. You can generate insight from communities outside your own point of view, and companies can measure progress by monitoring retention and attraction, as well as engagement and inclusion.

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