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Merger Mania: Page Motes Melds Ethics & Compliance With Sustainability In New Role at Dell

February 25, 2020 LRN Corporation

“It is people that connect to the values, it is organizations you feel like you trust, and you connect to their values. And more and more, we are finding that sustainability piece is becoming more of a differentiator in our own mind, so you can imagine our customers feel the same.”

 – Page Motes


Guest, Page Motes

Page Motes is the director of sustainability, strategy, and operations at Dell Technologies. She helps define and drive Dell’s strategic vision and plan of record for the company’s sustainability efforts. Page shares her work at Dell as a global ethics and compliance officer. Now as senior managing director, she discusses the difficulties and duties of overseeing and managing Dell’s ethics strategy and sustainability initiatives.

Page also talks about being a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and a former board member of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative.




  • [:50] What led you into ethics and compliance and how that has taken you into this new role as a strategy leader of sustainability at Dell?
  • [1:10] Page discusses how she began her career at LRN. She wanted to make a shift in her long-standing sales career, so she began working in ethics and compliance, both in sales and account management at LRN. Next, she made the transition to an in-house ethics and compliance specialist at Dell.
  • [2:06] Page explains how her career grew at Dell over the past 10 years. She is now primarily working in the areas of ethics, culture, operational resilience, as well as digital transformation in the ethics and compliance space. Page shares her experience working with the corporate social responsibility team and the supply chain sustainability team, as well as Dell’s partnership with the Responsible Business Alliance.
  • [3:14] Page shares her interest in a new program Dell is a part of called CSR Ambassadors. Dell wants to teach the social impact and the environmental, social, and governance pieces of the CSR world. Page shares details about her new role as a volunteer ambassador for this program.
  • [4:24] How does your ENC background help you in this new role, especially as ENC investor activism and ESG are coming together to push companies?
  • [4:36] Page talks about her E&C background and how her ethics and compliance experience contribute to her new role as she coaches others as a CSR ambassador. She explains why ethics, diversity, and inclusion are a necessary corporate social responsibility.'
  • [6:34] How does your ENC background help you in this new role, especially as ENC investor activism and ESG are coming together to push companies?
  • [6:49] Page talks about the ease and difficulties while building these relationships in her role. She believes Dell is a great place for cross-collaboration, but sustainability is their biggest issue.
  • [8:04] Page shares a few difficulties involving the sustainability efforts at Dell. She talks about how innovations, partnerships, and renewable energy efforts could be improved through sustainability efforts.
  • [11:53] What are two or three issues you're working on now in your new role in sustainability that is taking a lot of your time and focuses?
  • [12:02] Page shares how she uses training and communication to capture the hearts and minds of employees in her new role. She explains how training communications are integrated at Dell. It has become a sustainability effort to create an organization employee and customers can both trust and connect to their values.
  • [14:32] What do you see now as one or two biggest drivers in this area that organizations need to prepare for, and how will these drivers impact ENC and sustainability teams and how they work?
  • [14:49] Since Dell is at the forefront of digital transformation, Page shares the biggest drivers and how they impact E&C and sustainability. She expands on the involvement of security, workforce transformation, and the use of predictive behavior.
  • [18:19] - As a woman in business with an established and successful career, what advice do you have for young people, particularly women entering this ENC profession, and what do you wish someone had told you when you started that you didn't learn until later, maybe after a tough lesson?
  • [18:46] As a woman with a successful career, Page shares her advice for young people and women entering the E&C profession. She shares how empathy and intuition can really help advance your career. Lastly, new E&C professionals shouldn’t let the lack of a law degree hold them back.

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