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Class Act: Cindy Moehring Works to Embed Ethics in Business School

March 31, 2020 LRN Corporation

“We just seem to be in a time where...society has in many ways normalized unethical behavior, and for future business leaders, that’s not good.”

 – Cindy Moehring

Cindy Moehring talks to LRN's Ben DiPietro about taking what she learned after working for 20 years to build and develop Walmart's worldwide ethics and compliance program, and going to the University of Arkansas to embed ethics into the curriculum at the Sam M. Walton School of Business.


Guest, Cindy Moehring

Cindy Moehring is the founder and executive chair of the Business Integrity Leadership Initiative for the Sam M. Walton College of Business, at the University of Arkansas. Moehring shifted to academic life following a 20-year career with Walmart, Inc., where she helped to build the company’s ethics and compliance program, and worked with the board and senior leadership on global strategy, corporate governance, and cultural initiatives.

Moehring spearheaded the transformation of Walmart’s global culture of integrity in the wake of Walmart’s foreign corrupt practices act investigation, developing and implementing a global ethics program in 27 countries for more than two million employees. She has served as the immediate past chair of the Board of the Ethics and Compliance Association, and as a director for the Ethics Research Center. She is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, and has served locally on the board of the Ruth I. Kolpin Family Foundation, and as a board member of the Northwest Arkansas chapter of Girls on the Run.

Moehring graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center, and graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree.


  • [1:14]  When did she start at the University of Arkansas and why did you feel it was important to leave the corporate world to undertake her new role and mission? What is Cindy doing in the role today?
  • [3:13] How is Cindy’s program with the university and students going today? Is she getting good feedback and has she already well-integrated business ethics into the courses?
  • [4:48] What role does Cindy see for the ethics and compliance professional in a world today where technological changes are driving significant disruptions to organizations and workplaces? How will the E&C professional have to change the way they perceive and perform their duties and how will those duties change as well?
  • [8:01] What are some things boards can do to make this a little bit less of a problem of chief executive turnover tied to an ethical lapse in business?
  • [11:28] Why does Cindy think experienced E&C people are not serving on boards currently and what value can E&C people bring to the board?
  • [13:01] How can E&C people better position themselves for board seats? Does Cindy have an interest in the corporate board? Has she ever served on a board and what was your experience?
  • [14:16] Before joining the University of Arkansas, Cindy worked as the chief ethics and compliance officer at Walmart. What was the experience like and how long did she have the role? What did she learn and how did it make her a better E&C professional
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