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Calling All Cars: The Hetty Group’s Florence Chung Builds Bridges Between Police, Business, Communities

July 07, 2019 LRN Corporation



In this episode of the Principled podcast, Florence Chung, Chief Engagement Officer of The Hetty Group, speaks with LRN’s Ben DiPietro about her work to encourage dialogue between police departments, companies, and communities.

Florence talks about the seven root causes of police misconduct, why good police remain loyal to those who break the rules, and what companies can teach police about management to help them bring about the necessary changes to their cultures and policies.


  • [1:55] What has her career path looked like and how has she found herself at The Hetty Groups?

  • [3:45] What are the seven root causes that effect policing and how do they frame the debate over police in the U.S.?

  • [7:50] If there are so many good police officers, why do they remain silent when it only serves to put them at risk more?

  • [10:36] How does current police culture halt reform and what actions can police departments take to enforce reform?

  • [12:22] How does having access to military equipment exacerbate the problems with police culture?

  • [14:30] Can the Camden, N.J. police reform be used as a model for police reform across the U.S.?

  • [17:24] What role can businesses and institutions play in joining the dialogue that’s going to be needed to create change?

  • [20:16] What are some skills companies can share with police departments?

  • [23:48] How did a conversation with Millennials and Gen Z unfold, and how does she view the voice of youth in this dialogue?

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