LRN Microlearning Quiz

April 2, 2020

Microlearning Quiz! types are follow-on experiences that may be used to demonstrate efficacy of an E&C training program per the April 2019 DOJ guidance. They answer the question “Did our learners learn something and how do we know?” by measuring retention of learning and knowledge found in an initial eLearning campaign.

  • Following a specific foundational course, a partner can roll out a Quiz! at any time within a year of the initial eLearning training. LRN recommends deploying from 1 to 12 weeks after learning.

  • Each Quiz! consists of 10 multiple-choice questions

  • Feedback follows each response, whether the learner chooses correctly or incorrectly. This instructional best practice helps encode learning in a timely manner for future recall

  • At the end of the experience, learners see how many total questions they got correct/incorrect, and program administrators can compare the results of the cohort with how they did on the Knowledge Check back when they performed the initial eLearning

  • Learners have the option to retry the Quiz! if they wish

  • Includes analytics: Only the first attempt at the quiz is recorded so the results will not be skewed by retry attempts thereby offering an accurate measure of quiz-takers’ knowledge and retention of initial eLearning.

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